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Most of the standard tools that deal with Telephony are generally focused on telling users who is calling them and while there are plenty of such programs on Windows, a few among them are as reliable and popular as TrueCaller.

TrueCaller is a really impressive solution that will allow you to know who is calling you so that you can have all the information about them before you decide to answer or not. This makes TrueCaller a good way to avoid numerous spam calls and various irritating telemarketers that you may not want to deal with. TrueCaller will really allow you to control your phone in any way you want and with this tool you can even block certain numbers that you just don’t want to deal with, which makes the free TrueCaller a great tool to combat various spam callers.

TrueCaller is similar in some aspects to Call Blocker, call control or Call Screening - Call Blocker but at the same time this program works with a lot less trouble and you won’t have to setup all the options for it manually like some similar tools usually require from you to do. All this makes TrueCaller a great tool and one that you should really try out if you want to identify people calling you.

Best call identification tool today

TrueCaller is a really reliable and stable call identifier that will make the task of figuring out who is calling you as fast and simple as it can get. While this application may have some minor issues with device recognition on different platforms, TrueCaller definitely is a good program and one that you should download and see just how effective it is at identifying various calls.

If you want to know how is calling you before you answer download TrueCaller.

  • Easy to use
  • Friendly interface
  • Small size
  • Free
  • Few advanced ID tools
  • Limited spam control options

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